Going Home

A child trying to return to his mother.


A repressed farmer’s daughter in a conservative community is learning how to free herself, physically and emotionally.


Corporate video for Pami Workspace Designers.

The Memory Shop

An elderly lady enters The Memory Shop in 2036 to relive a memory of her now demented husband through advanced technology.

Narrative reel

A selection of directing and writing projects of Christiaan Neu.


A series of promospots for the household electrical brand Domo with chef Jeroen De Pauw.


Documentary about the brave worker Frans Weltjens who is not planning to give up on life.

My Patro

Documentary about football club Patro Eisden Maasmechelen.

Charcot Stichting

Commercial for Fondation Charcot Stichting – Boodschap van algemeen nut.


Corporate video for Melexis: A global supplier of micro-electronic semiconductor solutions.


Documentary about Radio Tour speaker Marc Bollen.

Onderwijs Vlaanderen

A series of testimonials for the campagne “Les geven is” of Onderwijs Vlaanderen.

Ik wil naar huis

A dysfunctional couple is put to a test when something unexpected happens.

Care-Peat Europe

Documentary about the restoration of peatlands in Ireland.

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